Designing A Textbox, Unabridged external

I wrote this article for Smashing Magazine as a way to explore how complicated the most seemingly simple of tasks can be. In it I create a textbox but go through a very exaggerated process of defining exactly how it should work.

Wallcat for Android

I felt it was time to freshen up my phone a bit, so I made some tweaks and used Wallcat's API to show a daily wallpaper on my phone to match my computer.

Only a matter of time external

An article I wrote for The Human In The Machine, about the subject of productivity.

First Steps in VR external

I always enjoy reading 24 Ways each year so I was delighted to write my second article for them. 2016 is the year of VR so I wrote about how web folk can start creating virtual realities without a steep learning curve. I made a maze game that can be found on GitHub and there's also a live demo.

SVG Tricks

I often learn little tricks as I work on different projects, and I figured it is about time I shared some. These are not necessarily the best ways to do it but just some things I have picked up while I work.

The Subtle Web

I previously wrote about the future of the web being much the same, but with a twist. My idea is that as the web grows it will essentially stay the same, a better version of itself...

Creating my 10k Apart entry

This years 10K Apart is about creating a good experience on the web while focussing on progressive enhancement and small page sizes. I dont usually enter competitions but having not coded for fun in a while, I thought it seemed a good idea.