Dragons Head

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We put our sandals on for the Seventh day. It wasn't as impressive as I had expected but Dragons Head was were the wall stops by the sea. I expected the wall to look like a dragon's head but it didn't. The sea was very polluted and dirty, with a massive ship moored up within a few metres of the wall!

We were not allowed to go swimming but were promised swimming for the night. Instead of swimming in the afternoon, most of us went on speedboats that took us on a quick tour of a shipyard where boats were being made.

We then got back on the bus and went to our next hotel, which was opposite a water park! It cost hardly any money to get in, but we were all quite amazed that we had to pay 50p for "insurance". But none of us got hurt, so it was good. The water wasn't nice but we went for a swim in the beach and went on lots of fun flume rides. They had a bowl ride where you fall out of it but we all stopped instead of going fast so it wasn't as fun as it could have been. My favourite ride was one I went on with Anna, we had a inflatable boat and were able to make it go really fast down one of the flumes by moving it side to side.

That night we found lots of beer for 50p per 600ml (it is going to be so strange going back to buying beer in England!) and spent much of the night on rugs out on the balcony. The water park looked incredible lit up at night!

This was the end of the trek, the next day we headed back to Beijing. It has been a great experience and really challenged us all. I am glad to now be able to say I have trekked the Great Wall of China and even prouder that we have managed to, together, raise about 40 thousand pounds for Make-A-Wish UK and Breast Cancer Research UK.

It has been great getting to know everybody that went! For the second week I am spending it in Beijing, along with some others from the trek.