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What I Read in 2015

Published on 2015-12-30

I'm sure I missed some but here are some quick reviews of some of the books I've read in 2015. Read More >

Book Review for the Journal of Functional Programming

Published on 2015-10-22

I reviewed Learn You Some Erlang For Great Good! for the Journal of Functional Programming. Read More >

Slides for An overview of the Web Audio API

Published on 2015-09-08

I gave this talk at London Web Standards on July 27, 2015. These slides are experimental and have only been tested in Chrome 47. Read More >

Flexbox with Fantasai

Published on 2015-07-19

On 3rd June 2015 a small group of relatively experienced developers went to Mozilla London to go through the flexbox spec with co-editor Fantasai. These are the notes I wrote down as we went along, sorry they won't all make sense as it is slightly out of context. Read More >

Interview for Workspiration

Published on 2015-07-04

​In this interview I went quite nostalgic, discussing how I got into development and the advice I would have for beginners. Read More >


Putting Design On The Map

Published on 2016-06-27

​This is the video of a talk I gave at From The Front. Read More >

39 studies about human perception in 30 minutes

Published on 2016-05-18

This is a fascinating post about human perception, so far I've only skimmed it so adding it to read in depth later. Read More >

Open Vis Conf Videos

Published on 2016-05-13

This conference has published a lot of great videos about data visualisation, and have even presented their videos as a brilliant visualisation.​ Read More >

3D Model of Brain Activity

Published on 2016-04-28

This is a 3D model of brain activity measured using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) while listening to two hours of stories. Read More >

What Is Functional Programming?

Published on 2015-12-30

​This is a great article by Kris Jenkins. Where most article about functional programming are hard to follow, this one focuses on pure functions and just encourages everyone to stop hiding inputs and outputs. Worth reading. Read More >


Published on 2015-12-17

Quick note to self - when eth0 isn't available, try enp1s0. Read More >

Published on 2015-12-15

As I try to collect my "internet presence" onto my personal site, I thought it is about time I imported the events that I've attended and spoken at. This was originally quite a detailed post, but then my computer crashed before I saved it, so it will be notes instead. Lanyrd does not have an API, but it does have data export functional [...] Read More >

Published on 2015-11-05

Just a quick note for future self - today I updated some packages on my server and iptables stopped forwarding packets to my LXC container. After hours of trying to work out what went wrong, it turned out to be a very simple change:In vim /etc/sysctl.conf enable the ipv4 forwarding. It was working fine beforehand but something changed in the update [...] Read More >

Published on 2015-09-25

Had an interesting thought... my Lanyard profile seems to tell more about me than my LinkedIn profile does. Read More >

Published on 2015-09-25

Since all the cool kids are doing it, I put my slides from @fromthefront up on Speakerdeck https://speakerdeck.com/shanehudson/putting-design-on-the-map Read More >


Creative Meet - Chichester

Published on 2015-10-14

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Creative Meet - Chichester

Published on 2015-09-23

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From The Front

Published on 2015-09-18

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dConstruct 2015

Published on 2015-09-11

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London Web Standards

Published on 2015-07-27

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