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Putting Design on the Map

Published on 2014-12-11

Every December I wait eagerly for the next 24 Ways article, so I was very proud and honoured to write one this year about map design on the web.​ Read More >

Goodwood Revival 2014

Published on 2014-09-17

The revival was an incredible experience, I wrote a bit about it and took some photos too! Read More >

Writing A Book: Jumping Into The Deep End

Published on 2014-09-16

In this article, that I wrote for Ashley Baxter's company Insurance By Jack, I delve into the mistakes I made while writing my book and during other commitments that I have had. Read More >

An Adventure In China

Published on 2014-07-03

At the end of August 2013, myself and a group of other students went on a charity trek of the Great Wall of China. It was an extremely eventful journey and we managed to raise a lot of money, the money I raised (£2,233.23) went to Make-A-Wish Foundation UK. Read More >

Foreword For You Don't Know JS

Published on 2014-06-03

I had the honour of writing the foreword for the first book, Scope & Closures, of Kyle Simpson's You Don't Know JS series. I urge you to buy the book, it is definitely worth a read no matter your skill or experience, but I've also included the foreword below. When I was a young child, I would often enjoy taking things apart and putting the [...] Read More >


Old Maps Online

Published on 2015-02-28

This portal has a huge amount of old maps on, I could spend a long time looking through them all!​ Read More >

Kitchen Note: How to cook properly

Published on 2015-02-11

I asked Twitter how I could best improve my cooking skills and John Oxton-King wrote a full length ​blog post reply. Definitely advice I plan to follow. Read More >

Never trust a coorporation to do a library's job

Published on 2015-01-30

​This is a brilliant article about how important the Internet Archive is and how Google dropped the ball on preserving human knowledge. Read More >

Halt All Vagrant Boxes

Published on 2015-01-23

I always have ports already open on random virtual machines, so this helps to solve that. Read More >

Fighting Spam

Published on 2014-12-30

An interesting canonical question on server fault about fighting email spam. Read More >


Published on 2014-12-11

I hope you all enjoy today's @24ways, it is one site that I've always hoped I would be able to contribute to :) http://24ways.org/2014/putting-design-on-the-map/ Read More >

Published on 2014-12-10

I need to be banned from the kitchen - incinerated a mince pie.  Read More >

Published on 2014-12-10

Really enjoyed @sjenkinson's article in 24ways today! I've seen two of her talks on the same subject and they were great too, practical uses for cool APIs. http://24ways.org/2014/making-sites-more-responsive-responsibly/ Read More >

Published on 2014-12-10

For those of you that enjoyed the music theory part of my book (Chapter 5), you may be interested in this thesis on piano synthesis (very technical). PDF: https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/bitstream/handle/123456789/977/urn007876.pdf?sequence=1 Read More >

Published on 2014-12-06

I really don't appreciate it when I'm searching for how to fix an error and the answer is "reinstall your OS"... no. Read More >