The web is becoming an ever more powerful tool, a way to communicate with an unimaginable number of people. I enjoy the challenges that the scale of the web brings and I love turning ideas into useful, tangible—often quirky—websites and web apps.

Prototyping On The Web

So you have had a great idea but not sure where to start? This is where I come in.

A lot of the companies that I work with already have brilliant web development teams working on production code. I am brought in (often remotely) to prototype new ideas or features. For example, one company already had a 2D map-based web app and asked me to play around with creating a 3D version. While I can and often do write production code, I love the mindset of working out new ideas.

JavaScript Creativity

My book, JavaScript Creativity, was published by Apress in 2014. I used a mixture of various technologies from canvas and webgl through to video and web rtc, to explore the fun and crazy things that we can do on the web. Essentially it was my playground that I used to push the limits of the web.

Jeremy Keith summed it up nicely in the foreword as “a snapshot of the cutting edge of what’s possible in web browsers today”.

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