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Flexbox with Fantasai

Published on 2015-07-19

On 3rd June 2015 a small group of relatively experienced developers went to Mozilla London to go through the flexbox spec with co-editor Fantasai. These are the notes I wrote down as we went along, sorry they won't all make sense as it is slightly out of context. Read More >

Interview for Workspiration

Published on 2015-07-04

​In this interview I went quite nostalgic, discussing how I got into development and the advice I would have for beginners. Read More >

AsyncJS Talk: Putting Design On The Map

Published on 2015-05-26

My friend Dave Mackintosh had to postpone his talk due to illness so I offered to take his place at the last minute. I quickly put together some slides about a couple of web-based map projects that I've worked on. Read More >

Putting Design on the Map

Published on 2014-12-11

Every December I wait eagerly for the next 24 Ways article, so I was very proud and honoured to write one this year about map design on the web.​ Read More >

Goodwood Revival 2014

Published on 2014-09-17

The revival was an incredible experience, I wrote a bit about it and took some photos too! Read More >


Professional Web Typography by Donny Truong

Published on 2015-05-04

This looks to be a good book about typography on the web. Read More >

Documentary Addict

Published on 2015-04-07

​This website is full of over 5000 documentaries! Read More >

The poor, misunderstood innerText

Published on 2015-04-01

​A brilliant article about the differences between innerText and textContent. Read More >

Old Maps Online

Published on 2015-02-28

This portal has a huge amount of old maps on, I could spend a long time looking through them all!​ Read More >

Kitchen Note: How to cook properly

Published on 2015-02-11

I asked Twitter how I could best improve my cooking skills and John Oxton-King wrote a full length ​blog post reply. Definitely advice I plan to follow. Read More >


Published on 2015-08-13

Listening to @de and @danielmall on @unfinishedbz is really making me want to work on my own site. Read More >

Published on 2015-08-13

Should I merge personal and work sites or just make them more intertwined? shanehudson.net shanehudson.net/work what do you think? Read More >

Published on 2015-07-24

Going to mix it up a little for day 5, I've been working on my talk about the Web Audio API so let's look into that. Essentially, the API is a way to connect a variety of nodes together in ways that either produce, manipulate or analyse sound. By using an analyser node, we can get the frequency data and output it to canvas. You get the freque [...] Read More >

Published on 2015-07-23

Oops, I missed day 3 by accident! I shall just carry on though, so this is day 4. I saw this article on Coder's Block recently and realised that I've never done anything with CSS counters. Have you? Would be very interesting to see what people can do with them. I really like the idea of being able to count interactions. The article I linked to ha [...] Read More >

Published on 2015-07-21

Day 2 - 100 Days of Code Things - User select, a nice little improvement to day 1 https://shanehudson.net/2015/07/21/day-2-100-days-... Read More >