AR Bookmarks Dev Diaries

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You know that feeling where you've done something but it isn't quite ready to show anyone? It's 14th June 2019 today and I wrote the first blog post about AR Bookmarks in September 2018. It's not ready to use yet, but it's getting close so I finally feel I can publish those early posts. I should have done it straight away but didn't want to put out vapourware.

I'm hoping I can release the app soon and there's definitely more posts I want to write. For example these don't show the lovely new icon that Ed Wellbrook made, or the new UI for showing which page is behind the favicon. But if I wait to finish those, these will probably never go live. So here you go, have a read (the first 8 are what I've had in draft for ages):

Oh and here is a sneak peak of that new icon!

An iOS app icon with a bookmark symbol and orange background