Lost In Beijing

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We all knew it would happen... I got lost. Very lost. Our group split up as most people are going to Shanghai and I am staying in Beijing for the week, so I moved hotel (it is a really nicely designed hutong). It took me 15 ,minutes to find originally. Then I went to buy some clothes from shops I saw in the surrounding streets. On the way back to the hotel I walked very far in the wrong direction, through many confusing winding streets.

Normally I would use GPS, but I was out of battery. So I tried to get a taxi... 5 refused me! This was probably to do with the roads being so tight and winding. A Chinese man with basic English saw the trouble I was having and offered to show me the way.

He lead me into his house... I was obviously quite cautious and confused! But then he pulled a sheets off what I presumed was just a pile of stuff and it actually turned out to be a kind of moped with a trailer attached to it! He put a sheet of chipboard over it and told me to sit on it. This was weird but I had been lost for over 3 hours and so was prepared for anything! It was so fun... we road through tiny streets and I saw parts of the city that appeared to have never seen tourists before.

I got back to the hotel at the time that I was meant to be meeting the others... I was half an hour late but I think they all understood once I explained the crazy story.

We watched an acrobatics show. I was expecting circus but instead got the most spectacular dancing show I've ever seen. It ended with about 7 motorbikes going around inside a sphere together... it was insane!