Honk Honk Honk

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We drove quite a distance to the next part of the wall and noticed that the bus driver was consistently using his horn. To begin with I thought he just had insane road rage, but actually we figured out that there are three meanings to his horn.

1 beep - I am here! Used especially for going around corners. 2 beeps - I am going through whether you like it or not! Long beep - Road rage

This trek started at the bottom of a steep mountain that took us about an hour and a half to get to the wall itself. The wall started off as the old wall and eventually we got to where it had been restored. The mountain part was very hard and steep, also very hot due to the humidity. Once we had got to the wall it was a very nice walk, quite overgrown but much safer than the first day. We knew we had got to the new wall when we saw a trader with a stall, where we of course all bought a fan, and we soon saw many more traders as we got to the more touristy area.

Once we reached the end, we took a cable car down. That was a very nice break from walking and allowed us to take in the spectacular views. At the bottom there was a kind of market... but every stall sold identical products! The business sense in China is ridiculous, there are plenty of shops but all the same, something I will definitely dedicate an entire post to at some point.