The Subtle Web

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I previously wrote about the future of the web being much the same, but with a twist. My idea is that as the web grows it will essentially stay the same, a better version of itself. So while there is lots of fun to be has with immersive VR, I expect to be spending far more of my time adding subtle touches of virtual reality to websites. Much in the same way JK Rowling's The Daily Prophet is a traditional newspaper that happens to have moving images instead of some kind of penesive.

I've not yet dived into how these will work, how to actually code it. But I've been thinking about how it would feel, how would the reader interact and how to make sure it's not just a distraction.

As I previously mentioned, the idea of virtual reality data visualisations embedded into the 2D page seems a fascinating place to start. I remember the first time I saw a 3D TV in a shop, it had a film called Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs playing in a loop. I was quite shocked that as fun it was to see a ping-pong ball coming towards my eyes, watching it go into the screen was even better. There's something TARDIS-like about the illusion of 3D, the ability for something seemingly 2D to not just use the space between it and yourself but to transform into an endless space. We can use that feeling to create some very interesting experiences. In the same way, we can embed images and videos without having to watch them in full screen, we can embed little gems of virtual reality.