AR Bookmarks - Dev Notes #8 - Other Ideas

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One of the reasons I started AR Bookmarks was to have a goal of getting a project to a “done”-enough state. An app on the App Store seemed to be a good criteria for that goal. I find it so easy to start a project, then another and then yet another all at once.

At New Adventures I listened to the brilliant Brendan Dawes talk about all of his fun and interesting projects. I felt like it inspired me to want to build one of my ideas that I’ve had a while, which could work in a similar way to his media player project. The idea being “progressively enhancing pictures on the wall”. So for example, imagine you had some records on the wall. If you don’t have a record player they are art. If you do have a record player you can play them. So an enhancement on that would be without the record player, somehow “clicking” them and playing on Spotify.

Have had the idea for a while and I may go onto build it at some point. But I quite quickly realised, out in the cold while we chose where to eat (Five Guys was the answer), I’ve already built it haven’t I. AR Bookmarks lets you add websites (nay–URLs) to the physical world.

So I tried it out, I copy and pasted the URL to a song on Spotify and pasted it as a manual URL into AR Bookmarks. Now the Lady Gaga gold record we have on the wall in the hallway can be used by just pointing a phone and clicking on it. That’s very cool, if I do say so myself!

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