New Adventures 2019 - Naz Hamid on Diverse Design: How We Build for People

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Naz gave a talk at New Adventures that really got to the core of diversity in all sense of the word. He started by explaining his culturally-rich upbringing and as being a "Third Culture Kid" who's now a "Third Culture Adult". It was obvious from the way he approached the topic of diversity that his personal experience living in different countries gave him a brilliant perspective of the world that let him see things from different points of view. He spoke about how design needs a "seat at the table" not just to influence the design but to understand the stakeholders viewpoints. It makes so much sense, we all care about user research so although the user comes first we should also understand all the other perspectives. It was a very good talk and unfortunately I was preserving my battery so the notes do not cover half of the interesting points Naz made.

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