AR Bookmarks - Dev Notes #2 - v0.2

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A day after v0.1 was ready, I made progress with v0.2. The aim with this version was to make it so you can specify a link on creation and view the link before opening in Safari. Originally I had looked at using a textfield and label to do this but had no success. So I considered how I would do it in JavaScript and the most quick and dirty way would be prompt and alert so I figured if I could do something similar just to get it working then that would be a good start.

I did some research and learned about UIAlertAction which is basically the iOS modal window and allows you to add UI elements to it. So for creating a link I made it so that you type into a box that is labelled “Enter URL” and added a submit button. Then for opening a link I made it show buttons for open in Safari and cancel so you don’t have to open the link if you clicked on the wrong one.

It still isn’t the perfect experience as you can’t see what links are until you click on them but it a step in the right direction.

Release Notes - v0.2:

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