AR Bookmarks - Dev Notes #4 - Icon

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I have a lot of respect for designers, I know people that can whip incredible designs up in no time at all. I’m not one of them. But it felt like time AR Bookmarks had an icon instead of the default wireframe icon that iOS gives it. In fact it turned out that two icons were needed, the main one and a slightly modified (no background) template icon that is used for the Safari share extension.

My partner Steph and I were playing around drawing ideas on the iPad and designing in Sketch. It was quite a nice workflow as we could use the Sketch version as the main icon but come up with ideas in a more fluid kind of way instead of adjusting the main icon each time. I wanted it to be something that screamed “bookmark” for the same reason I chose the name AR Bookmarks, everything is easier when it does what it says on the tin. So I made a bookmark shape, which we adjusted and tried to get it to fit the iOS style.