The Temple

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The Fifth day had a small temple/shrine building. The sixth day had a proper temple, like a smaller version of the one in Karate Kid! It was very high up the mountain, just off a path from the wall. We again split into two, some went up to the top of the mountain for the views and the rest of us went to the temple. It turned out that the first group ended up seeing the temple too, which if I had known they were going to then I would have gone with them!

The temple was amazing. It is hard to explain without photos but there was a courtyard with lots of buildings coming off from it. Most of them were small shrines to different gods.

On the way down most people took a free cable car, but it was more like a ski-lift so Misha and I walked with Jack (our other tour guide) down to the car park. Amazingly we beat the others back, mostly due to walking quite fast and the cable cars being quite slow I think. It took a few hours to walk up and about 20 minutes to walk down!!

This was our last real trek day. Visiting the temple was a very nice way to finish the trek I think!