Let Me Sink

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Ever since Newton was over-shadowed by Einstein,
We’ve known that sitting in a chair on earth...
versus hurtling through space on a rocket 
accelerating at 9.8 metres a second, a second...

Would feel exactly the same.

Yet it doesn’t, does it? 
If I’m sat in a comfortable chair
I can feel myself sinking into the cushion.

Or at least normally I can. 
Right now I feel weird.
Almost as if I’m floating millimetres above the chair. 
It feels like the ground is hurtling towards me, 
pushing me up rather than the normal sensation of sinking into comfort.

Am I on edge? Walking on egg shells?
No.. I have no reason to be. 
Anxious? About what? 
Work? No, 
things today are far better than they have been in months.

Maybe I’m finally in tune with the planet earth hurtling through space? 
Or maybe… just maybe…
there’s yet more I need to uncover
in the dusty old cupboard I call my mind.