Sleeping On The Wall

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I am trying to catch up on blog posts for the days of the trek, Edd has more posts than I do about it so definitely worth reading his blog!

My previous trek post was about the second day, where we climbed a mountain then went back down on a cable car. That night we drove to a different part of the wall and walked up a hill (it was steep and hard in the dark, but nothing compared to the mountain!) using an overgrown path. At the top was a watchtower, our home for that night.

We unpacked our tents and then played some card games. By about 11pm, Cheney (our tour guide) told us that we should go to bed as a storm was coming in. It was a very loud night, it thundered for hours. But I was tired, so I slept.. though was very achy from the stone floor!

Some local people brought up some sandwiches the following morning and we made a start walking along the wall. We were all very tired due to being woken up so early (about 6 I think it was) but thankful we didn't have to climb a mountain to get to the wall! The trek that day ended up being cut quite short since the rain came back quite strong and it would have been rather dangerous to walk the section we were going to in the rain so we took a route down the wall and through a tiny village to the coach.

We got to our next hotel/hostel that morning, before I am normally even awake! This was actually a really nice place, each group (I was with Edd) got a little building and garden (shared with another building) each. Five of the girls were in a larger building and it had a sauna... covered in mushroom and mould haha! I found a Chinese dubbed version of Mamma Mia, so rested while watching that. Once the rain had cleared we went to a touristy part of the wall, we split into two groups since some wanted to walk a good distance to make up for the short trek that morning and the rest of us wanted to take photos and just enjoy an afternoon as tourists instead of trekkers.