The Fifth Day

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By the fifth day we were all quite exhausted for the sheer amount of walking we had already done, but it turned out to be a very nice walk. It was new wall, so quite touristy with lots of hills but it was a very nice walk. Not much really happened, just lots of photos. I was in the fairly fast group this time though Anna and Frenchy (I can't spell his real name, it is French for William) sped ahead! At one watchtower there was finally a salesperson doing it properly, he had his stall set up and didn't bother people. He had a leather chair (Must have been hard work getting that up there!) and was playing Gangnam Style out the windows very loudly to attract people to his stall.

At the end of the wall was a military-style town, I think it was a replica but cannot be sure. There was also a small shrine/temple that most people stopped at. A few of us walked (myself and Tom ran) up to the next watchtower after the temple to get an ice lolly, which gave us time to wait for the slower group to catch up.