What is the web?

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The web is... just a set of protocols used together. It is just the ability to link documents together across computers. HTTP and hyperlinks, used together, are essentially the web.

And yet, of course, the web is so much more than that.

The web is... a way to publish whatever we are thinking or want to say, without any friction. Without anybody needing to give permission.

The web is... full of information, almost everything that humanity has recorded can be found with just a few clicks.

The web is... changing the world faster than anything that has happened before.

The web is... providing ways for people in all walks of life around the world (and even in space!) to communicate.

The web is... ever improving, it is no longer just a way to link documents (except that, really, that is exactly what it does).

The web is... open. Anybody that wants to contribute to the future of the web can do so easily, by working with browser developers on standards or even by just using the web.

And with all that, my original definition was correct. The web is... **together**.