I'm now a full-time employee at Definition Health.
Over the years I've been very fortunate to have worked on all kinds of projects and have learned a great deal about the challenges that all teams face building for the web.

Definition Health

In September 2020 I joined Definition Health, a small company founded by two NHS consultants with the aim to improve quality of care using both patient and clinician facing digital products.

NHS Digital

For three years (2017-2020) I worked within the team at NHS Digital on 111 online to ensure excellent accessibility and performance of the website. In this time it's gone from GDS private beta through to a live service helping millions of people get medical help.


Authory makes tools for journalists. I helped them with their frontend, making sure it is as easy to work with as possible.


During 2018-2019 I worked again with Lime Microsystems, this time to build LimeSCAN a geographic data analysis system for radio frequencies. This consisted of a fleet of Raspberry Pi and a Vue.js based front-end.


I helped to develop Saga's rebranded homepage and various components for use across the organisation.


My task with Vroomi was to prototype how an office environment would work in virtual reality. Using A-Frame and Vue.js I was able to iterate quickly and experiment with lots of ideas.

Lime Microsystems

I used Vue.js (with server side rendering) in 2017 to create a fast reliable website for viewing Lime Microsystems' multiple Ubuntu white-labelled app stores.

Street Team

I worked with StreetTeam in early 2017, to help maintain and improve their systems using modern front-end technologies and mindset.


Elbi hired me for two months to improve the campaign creation process for their admin and charity tools.


Cowdray is a large estate based in Midhurst, just down the road from me, so I was excited when Alex Stanhope from 247 Creative approached me to help develop their new website. It was a fully responsive redesign that needed to bring together all of the parts of the estate into a single cohesive website.

Employee Life

I worked with Optimum Consulting for 3 months working on Employee Life, their Employee Relationship Management. Most of my time was spent creating admin tools for creating reports of activity across the platform.


In January 2016 I was looking for a fun project to start the year, FractalToy did not disappoint. I was hired to add WebVR (with Oculus Rift support) to their WebGL raycaster to explore 3D fractals in virtual reality.