Building a microsite using GraphQL, CraftCMS and 11ty

30th July 2019

One Sunday I was having breakfast with a friend and got talking about team structures and how projects vary. It was a really useful discussion and I felt that other people might find conversations like that useful too, this idea very quickly became Interviews by Shane Hudson. I began building it that day and within just over a week I published the website with five interviews.

Interview for Workspiration external

4th July 2015

In this interview I went quite nostalgic, discussing how I got into development and the advice I would have for beginners.

Success Circuit Interview external

11th November 2014

I started Success Circuit in 2009 and have since given the reins over to my mum. In this interview, she interviewed me about how the site came to be and the other things I have done. Sounds quite meta, but I feel it is one of the best interviews I have ever done and is hopefully full of important and interesting things!