Implementing Webmentions in Perch external

This is a nice article by Drew McLellan about implementing Webmentions into the Perch CMS. This is brilliant news, as it will lower the barrier of entry for people interested in indieweb. He mentions about moderation and how to deal with duplications, that's something I am intending to improve on my own site at some point too.

"I dont really care about being part of any kind of movement. I care about my website." -- Jeremy Keith. I totally agree! Everybody on the outside sees the community but not what drives us. It really is a community of people helping each other to build better websites, together.

The Indie Web is the New Zines external

This post got me thinking about how Indie Web is not just about owning your own data, but it also allows people who may be censored elsewhere (such as LGBT) to have free rein over their content and personas.

This article by @anomalily adds another perspective to the #indieweb, from an LGBT point of view. Worth a read!

Had a great time at indieweb camp, was quite embarrassing that my site went live so unfinished though!

Enjoying implementing indieweb features into Craft CMS!