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My task with Vroomi was to prototype how an office environment would work in virtual reality. Using A-Frame and Vue.js I was able to iterate quickly and experiment with lots of ideas.

Play The Pain Away external

An interesting article about research by the University of Washington on the use of virtual reality as being equal to a moderate dosage of opiates for controlling pain. ​

First Steps in VR - Codebase external

This is the codebase for my 24 Ways article First Steps in VR​.​

First Steps in VR external

I always enjoy reading 24 Ways each year so I was delighted to write my second article for them. 2016 is the year of VR so I wrote about how web folk can start creating virtual realities without a steep learning curve. I made a maze game that can be found on GitHub and there's also a live demo.

WebVR: Developing for the Immersive Web external

This slidedeck by Tony Parisi looks at how to start developing for the immersive web. I recently wrote about the opposite, the idea of building a subtle web.

Websites as they are now, but with a twist.

History repeats itself. Old trends come back into fashion almost as quickly as they disappear. The web is the epitome of this.
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In January 2016 I was looking for a fun project to start the year, FractalToy did not disappoint. I was hired to add WebVR (with Oculus Rift support) to their WebGL raycaster to explore 3D fractals in virtual reality.