#New Adventures

New Adventures 2019

29th January 2019

Looking back at New Adventures, I'm not sure where to start. By saying it was a great conference? Of course it was. The previous NA Conf was 6 years ago and back then I couldn't afford to go to conferences that far away, so I jumped at the chance to go to the one conference that everyone would always talk about. It was as good and better than I expected. But no, it almost feels like telling people how good the conference was is not the right thing to do...

New Adventures 2019 - Ethan Marcotte The World-Wide Work

29th January 2019

Did anyone at New Adventures read the blurbs for each talk? I didn't. I hadn't even noticed that until the last talk... Ethan Marcotte, who everyone knows for Responsive Web Design was surely going to talk about making websites right? Wrong. Well, right but in a different way. Ethan showed everyone the right way of using privilege.

New Adventures 2019 - Ashley Baxter Idea to Execution and Beyond

29th January 2019

Ashley explained all kinds of mistakes she had made and things she learned only through hindsight. It was fascinating and I have so much respect for her, running a business is hard for anyone but could you imagine trying to run an insurance business with no investment and expect to take on the massive corporations? Here are my notes of the talk.
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