#NHS 111 online

How it feels to make the right decision

25th January 2020

At the New Adventures 2020 conference in Nottingham, I went over to simply say “I really liked your talk” to Akil Benjamin. He thanked me, then stopped me as I was about to walk away and invited me to join the conversation. I thought that was kind but then it got interesting... he asked me really specifically what I liked about it. That threw me. I enjoyed the whole thing but he was wanting specifics.

NHS 111 online live assessment external

4th November 2019

I began working on NHS 111 online around the stage of going into private beta. It was my first time on a government project and so I had not experienced or understood the stages required to get the Government Digital Services approval. This document explains all of the steps taken to meet the GDS requirements, it feels like a case-study in the work we've done over the past couple of years.

111 online: finding the right pathway external

29th March 2019

Mat Johnson is a designer I work alongside on 111 online, in this article he explains the trials and tribulations of trying to guide a user to the questions that are most appropriate to them. We are far from the holy grail, but I think acknowledging that is quite refreshing!