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I helped to develop Saga's rebranded homepage and various components for use across the organisation.

Building an App Store With Vue.js

I recently built a website for LimeMicro that gave a read-only view of their Ubuntu (white-labelled) App Store.
Vroomi 300Px

My task with Vroomi was to prototype how an office environment would work in virtual reality. Using A-Frame and Vue.js I was able to iterate quickly and experiment with lots of ideas.

Lime Microsystems Fprf

I used Vue.js (with server side rendering) to create a fast reliable website for viewing Lime Microsystems' multiple Ubuntu white-labelled app stores.


I worked with StreetTeam in early 2017, to help maintain and improve their systems using modern front-end technologies and mindset.

Elbi Logo

Elbi hired me for two months to improve the campaign creation process for their admin and charity tools.


Cowdray is a large estate based in Midhurst, just down the road from me, so I was excited when Alex Stanhope from 247 Creative approached me to help develop their new website. It was a fully responsive redesign that needed to bring together all of the parts of the estate into a single cohesive website.

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I worked with Optimum Consulting for 3 months working on Employee Life, their Employee Relationship Management. Most of my time was spent creating admin tools for creating reports of activity across the platform.

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In January 2016 I was looking for a fun project to start the year, FractalToy did not disappoint. I was hired to add WebVR (with Oculus Rift support) to their WebGL raycaster to explore 3D fractals in virtual reality.


I spent a month working with Azimuth1 visualising scientific data from underground sensors on a 3D map. This work was very experimental so I had a lot of freedom to prototype the idea.

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