Definition Health

Definition Health

7th September 2020

In September 2020 I joined Definition Health, a small company founded by two NHS consultants with the aim to improve quality of care using both patient and clinician facing digital products.

Day.js external

30th January 2020

"Day.js 2KB immutable date library alternative to Moment.js with the same modern API" This seems like a good step forward, Moment is brilliant it is quite large, this could be a good replacement.

Remove SVG Whitespace external

15th January 2020

Quite often I need a quick way to trim an SVG so it has no whitespace, I use this JS Fiddle I found as it makes it really simple to do. I'm not sure who wrote it but it basically modifies the viewbox to be the SVG's bounding box then returns the updated SVG. Nice and simple.



3rd December 2019

Authory makes tools for journalists. I helped them with their frontend, making sure it is as easy to work with as possible.

Building a microsite using GraphQL, CraftCMS and 11ty

30th July 2019

One Sunday I was having breakfast with a friend and got talking about team structures and how projects vary. It was a really useful discussion and I felt that other people might find conversations like that useful too, this idea very quickly became Interviews by Shane Hudson. I began building it that day and within just over a week I published the website with five interviews.

[PDF] A Model for Reasoning About JavaScript Promises external

25th July 2019

This is an open access article written by Magnus Madsen, Ondřej Lhoták and Frank Tip, published by the ACM in 2017. I'm bookmarking it here to read later but it appears to provide a framework to better understand Promises in JavaScript. According to the abstract: "Based on λp, we introduce the promise graph, a program representation that can assist programmers with debugging of promise-based code."



1st March 2019

During 2018-2019 I worked again with Lime Microsystems, this time to build LimeSCAN a geographic data analysis system for radio frequencies. This consisted of a fleet of Raspberry Pi and a Vue.js based front-end.

Designing A Textbox, Unabridged external

22nd September 2018

I wrote this article for Smashing Magazine as a way to explore how complicated the most seemingly simple of tasks can be. In it I create a textbox but go through a very exaggerated process of defining exactly how it should work.

Nhs Logo

NHS Digital

20th July 2017

For three years (2017-2020) I worked within the team at NHS Digital on 111 online to ensure excellent accessibility and performance of the website. In this time it's gone from GDS private beta through to a live service helping millions of people get medical help.

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