Experimental boid game

I've always enjoyed creating flocking simulations, so I've built an experimental prototype of a game that uses flocking as the main gameplay.

CSS Specificity Graph in a Fractal Styleguide

In this post I show how I put a CSS specificity graph into a fractal styleguide.
NHS Logo

I'm currently working with the team at NHS Digital on the 111 Online project to ensure excellent accessibility and performance of the website.

Saga Logo

I helped to develop Saga's rebranded homepage and various components for use across the organisation.

Building an App Store With Vue.js

I recently built a website for LimeMicro that gave a read-only view of their Ubuntu (white-labelled) App Store.
Vroomi 300Px

My task with Vroomi was to prototype how an office environment would work in virtual reality. Using A-Frame and Vue.js I was able to iterate quickly and experiment with lots of ideas.

Lime Microsystems Fprf

I used Vue.js (with server side rendering) to create a fast reliable website for viewing Lime Microsystems' multiple Ubuntu white-labelled app stores.


I worked with StreetTeam in early 2017, to help maintain and improve their systems using modern front-end technologies and mindset.


The GISPortal is a tool for visualising and analysing large amounts of marine data


GeoRanking visualises postcodes ranked by the desirability for a specific person to live in the area
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