#Dev Diary

Building a microsite using GraphQL, CraftCMS and 11ty

30th July 2019

One Sunday I was having breakfast with a friend and got talking about team structures and how projects vary. It was a really useful discussion and I felt that other people might find conversations like that useful too, this idea very quickly became Interviews by Shane Hudson. I began building it that day and within just over a week I published the website with five interviews.

AR Bookmarks - Dev Notes #9 - Titles Not Links

14th June 2019

The premise of AR Bookmarks is to add links to the real world. So that is what I did. In hindsight I see that was the wrong approach, technically. By using the name field of ARAnchor, I was able add the URL of the bookmark into the position in real world but when it came to adding a title I wasn't able to. So for a long time all bookmarks had a long URL whenever you tried to see what site they point towards. While that worked in the MVP sense of "get everything working to some extent", I prefer the MVP sense of "a small amount done well" so I knew it couldn't launch like that.

AR Bookmarks Dev Diaries

14th June 2019

You know that feeling where you've done something but it isn't quite ready to show anyone? It's 14th June 2019 today and I wrote the first blog post about AR Bookmarks in September 2018. It's not ready to use yet, but it's getting close so I finally feel I can publish those early posts. I should have done it straight away but didn't want to put out vapourware.

AR Bookmarks - Dev Notes #8 - Other Ideas

26th February 2019

One of the reasons I started AR Bookmarks was to have a goal of getting a project to a “done”-enough state. An app on the App Store seemed to be a good criteria for that goal. I find it so easy to start a project, then another and then yet another all at once.

AR Bookmarks - Dev Notes #5 - User Experience

6th November 2018

What is a good user experience for an app where you place URLs around your room? It’s a good question and one that I’ve been thinking about a lot. On one hand I want to make AR Bookmarks as a way to play around with Swift, iOS development and ARKit. On the other-hand, it feels pointless making it unless it is at least half decent.

AR Bookmarks - Dev Notes #4 - Icon

18th September 2018

I have a lot of respect for designers, I know people that can whip incredible designs up in no time at all. I’m not one of them. But it felt like time AR Bookmarks had an icon instead of the default wireframe icon that iOS gives it. In fact it turned out that two icons were needed, the main one and a slightly modified (no background) template icon that is used for the Safari share extension.

AR Bookmarks - Dev Notes #3 - Link Creation

18th September 2018

The issue with URLs, and one of the main reasons for any bookmarking tool, is that they can be long and awkward to type. The current UI for AR Bookmarks is that you choose where in 3D space you want to place a link, touch the screen anywhere then type in the URL. You are able to paste but even that isn’t a perfect experience. I also noticed you have to type in the full URL such as https://google.com instead of google.com which is a bit of a pain too.
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