Designing A Textbox, Unabridged external

22nd September 2018

I wrote this article for Smashing Magazine as a way to explore how complicated the most seemingly simple of tasks can be. In it I create a textbox but go through a very exaggerated process of defining exactly how it should work.
Nhs Logo

20th July 2017

I'm currently working with the team at NHS Digital on 111 online to ensure excellent accessibility and performance of the website.


14th July 2017

I helped to develop Saga's rebranded homepage and various components for use across the organisation.

Jen Simmons' Monopoly Board external

17th February 2017

Recently I tried to create a Monopoly board using Grid in CSS, I didn't manage it. I kept getting three quarters of the way and then getting stuck. I tweeted about it and Jen Simmons' very quickly responded with an example!