Halloween Quiz

I've always liked to think of myself as someone who tinkers on projects, but usually it's just software that goes nowhere. So I was quite excited by this particular project, we were having a halloween party so I decided to make a halloween quiz with a difference. This project used a Raspberry Pi Zero W hooked up to a capactive touch sensor.

The sensor had wires poked into the bottom of pumpkins, with all the hardware hidden underneath the table and wires hidden by black bin bags as a tablecloth. This meant that you could "buzz in" by touching (or even hovering your hand over) the pumpkins. Each pumpkin was assigned to a team, with python running as the device-side and React with firebase as a web interface.

Takeaway from project: Hardware projects that can be used by family and friends is fun. I used this project as my first real React project, which opened the doors for future paid work that required knowing React... so it's a really good example of a project for fun that can be purposefully used to learn things.