Tue 04 Jun 2019

Tue 21 May 2019

WebGL Fluid Simulation external

This is a brilliant WebGL fluid simulation, shows how beautiful the output of code can be!

Fri 17 May 2019

Colourise external

This is a brilliant web app for turning black and white images to colour, works very well!

Thu 16 May 2019

Wed 01 May 2019

Tue 30 Apr 2019

Fantastic Maps external

This is a lovely blog full of brilliant fantasy-style maps and lots of expertise.

Fri 26 Apr 2019

Fri 19 Apr 2019

How To Add Images To A GitHub Wiki external

After trying to drag and drop an image into a GitHub Wiki with no success, I found this article explaining how. Essentially after you've made the first page you can clone the wiki (it is a git repository with markdown files in it). From there you can add images to a folder and commit them like any other git repository.

Wed 17 Apr 2019

Why Notre-Dame Was a Tinderbox - The New York Times external

This article by the New York Times (about the awful fire at Notre-Dame) is a masterclass in web design. it uses a 3D model with impressive scrolling (a rare good example) and bitesize text to really help the reader quickly understand everything.

Tue 09 Apr 2019

Clowns, Jokers, and Echo Chambers

As a reply to Andy Bell's "Break out of the echo chamber" blog post, I've delved into some of the thoughts I've been having for a while about silos and rifts within the web industry.