Thu 19 Sep 2019

Sat 14 Sep 2019

Fri 13 Sep 2019

Watercolour World external

This is a wonderful site full it watercolour paintings across the world.

Tue 30 Jul 2019

Building a microsite using GraphQL, CraftCMS and 11ty

One Sunday I was having breakfast with a friend and got talking about team structures and how projects vary. It was a really useful discussion and I felt that other people might find conversations like that useful too, this idea very quickly became Interviews by Shane Hudson. I began building it that day and within just over a week I published the website with five interviews.

Thu 25 Jul 2019

[PDF] A Model for Reasoning About JavaScript Promises external

This is an open access article written by Magnus Madsen, Ondřej Lhoták and Frank Tip, published by the ACM in 2017. I'm bookmarking it here to read later but it appears to provide a framework to better understand Promises in JavaScript. According to the abstract: "Based on λp, we introduce the promise graph, a program representation that can assist programmers with debugging of promise-based code."

Sun 07 Jul 2019

Sat 06 Jul 2019

Patterns Day 2019 - Emil Björklund

This was a dConstruct-worthy talk. It didn’t necessarily give any answers or solutions but it gave plenty of questions and showed his journey of learning and exploring ideas related to design systems at an almost philosophical level.

Patterns Day 2019 - Heydon Pickering

This one was hard to write notes for, partly because it was code-heavy and partly because I had just been to MEATliquor for lunch. There is one note however that somehow didn’t make it to this list: Heydon wore lobster hands through his entire talk.