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The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast external

6th July 2018

This podcast is a fascinating exploration of health, lifestyle and food from a very scientific and medical approach. Each episode has very qualified people talking about their area of expertise.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text external

6th July 2018

I've recently been listening to Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, it's a podcast that uses a chapter each week from Harry Potter to explore a theme (such as loyalty, grief, friendship) in quite a lot of depth from various viewpoints. They use religious and spiritual approaches, but in such a way that even as an atheist I enjoy all of the Jewish and Christian bible reading techniques that they use.

Uber Case Study external

3rd April 2018

A really insightful case study from a product designer working at Uber.

Implementing Webmentions in Perch external

17th July 2017

This is a nice article by Drew McLellan about implementing Webmentions into the Perch CMS. This is brilliant news, as it will lower the barrier of entry for people interested in indieweb. He mentions about moderation and how to deal with duplications, that's something I am intending to improve on my own site at some point too.

Hexagonal Grids on Red Blob Games external

27th June 2017

I've always had an interest in hexagonal grids, for both data visualisation and game development. This is a brilliant introduction to the various techniques.

Marionettes in VR external

18th May 2017

This article by Daniel Beauchamp shows some great explorations into VR, as well as how you can often end up with good results completely by accident.

How Not To Be Ignorant About The World external

16th March 2017

This is a TED talk by Hans and Ola Rosling, discussing how our intuition needs to be flipped in order to more correctly understand the state of the world.