Crafting Data Driven Maps external

This is a brilliant article about how Uber went about creating a design system for their various maps and data visualisations.​

Introduction to Docker external

This is a great intro to Docker, with a nice explanation of how it differs to Vagrant.

Explain Shell external

This is a great little website for dissecting shell commands.​

First Steps in VR - Live Demo external

This is the live demo for my 24 Ways article First Steps in VR​.​

First Steps in VR - Codebase external

This is the codebase for my 24 Ways article First Steps in VR​.​

Changing Terminal Color When SSH From OSX external

This is a very handy short guide to changing iTerm2 profiles when SSHing into different servers.

Exploring Audio and Geometry external

​Simon Russell has created some wonderful experiments merging sounds and geometry.

CreativeAI On the Democratisation & Escalation of Creativity  external

This is an incredibly detailed and interesting exploration into the world of creative artificial intelligence, by Samim Winiger and Roelof Pieters.

WebVR: Developing for the Immersive Web external

This slidedeck by Tony Parisi looks at how to start developing for the immersive web. I recently wrote about the opposite, the idea of building a subtle web.

The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong external

Amy Morin's TEDx talk is incredible powerful, she tackles the idea of bad thinking habits using her personal experience.