Harry Potter and the Sacred Text external

I found this podcast fascinating, they take a chapter of Harry Potter and apply techniques from bible studies for reading it. I've read those books many times and they taught me a lot of things while I was growing up but its interesting to read them purposely to gain insight about society and ourselves.​

Uber Case Study external

A really insightful case study from a product designer working at Uber.

Oddityviz external

​This is a fascinating approach to visualising data, in physical form with lots of clever techniques.

Implementing Webmentions in Perch external

This is a nice article by Drew McLellan about implementing Webmentions into the Perch CMS. This is brilliant news, as it will lower the barrier of entry for people interested in indieweb. He mentions about moderation and how to deal with duplications, that's something I am intending to improve on my own site at some point too.

Hexagonal Grids on Red Blob Games external

I've always had an interest in hexagonal grids, for both data visualisation and game development.​ This is a brilliant introduction to the various techniques.

Marionettes in VR external

This article by Daniel Beauchamp shows some great explorations into VR, as well as how you can often end up with good results completely by accident.

Navarnia Life external

My wonderful girlfriend Steph has made her own portfolio showing her photography, lot's of great memories in those photos!

Jen Simmons' Monopoly Board external

Recently I tried to create a Monopoly board using Grid in CSS, I didn't manage it. I kept getting three quarters of the way and then getting stuck. I tweeted about it and Jen Simmons' very quickly responded with an example! ​