Navarnia Life external

My wonderful girlfriend Steph has made her own portfolio showing her photography, lot's of great memories in those photos!

Jen Simmons' Monopoly Board external

Recently I tried to create a Monopoly board using Grid in CSS, I didn't manage it. I kept getting three quarters of the way and then getting stuck. I tweeted about it and Jen Simmons' very quickly responded with an example! ​

Play The Pain Away external

An interesting article about research by the University of Washington on the use of virtual reality as being equal to a moderate dosage of opiates for controlling pain. ​

Crafting Data Driven Maps external

This is a brilliant article about how Uber went about creating a design system for their various maps and data visualisations.​

Introduction to Docker external

This is a great intro to Docker, with a nice explanation of how it differs to Vagrant.

Explain Shell external

This is a great little website for dissecting shell commands.​

First Steps in VR - Live Demo external

This is the live demo for my 24 Ways article First Steps in VR​.​

First Steps in VR - Codebase external

This is the codebase for my 24 Ways article First Steps in VR​.​

Changing Terminal Color When SSH From OSX external

This is a very handy short guide to changing iTerm2 profiles when SSHing into different servers.

Exploring Audio and Geometry external

​Simon Russell has created some wonderful experiments merging sounds and geometry.