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Colourise external

This is a brilliant web app for turning black and white images to colour, works very well!

Fantastic Maps external

This is a lovely blog full of brilliant fantasy-style maps and lots of expertise.

How To Add Images To A GitHub Wiki external

After trying to drag and drop an image into a GitHub Wiki with no success, I found this article explaining how. Essentially after you've made the first page you can clone the wiki (it is a git repository with markdown files in it). From there you can add images to a folder and commit them like any other git repository.

Why Notre-Dame Was a Tinderbox - The New York Times external

This article by the New York Times (about the awful fire at Notre-Dame) is a masterclass in web design. it uses a 3D model with impressive scrolling (a rare good example) and bitesize text to really help the reader quickly understand everything.

111 online: finding the right pathway external

Mat Johnson is a designer I work alongside on 111 online, in this article he explains the trials and tribulations of trying to guide a user to the questions that are most appropriate to them. We are far from the holy grail, but I think acknowledging that is quite refreshing!