The web is for exploring, for surfing, so I collect web pages that I find interesting or handy here on my own web site. Have a browse and get lost in the World Wide Web.

Forestry CMS

This CMS uses your existing website repo as storage, so there are no databases involved.

Remove SVG Whitespace

Quite often I need a quick way to trim an SVG so it has no whitespace, I use this JS Fiddle I found as it makes it really simple to do. I'm not sure who wrote it but it basically modifies the viewbox to be the SVG's bounding box then returns the updated SVG. Nice and simple.

Who Can Use

This is a colour contrast checker with so much more information than the others, brilliant!


This is a brilliant web app for turning black and white images to colour, works very well!


Usually I would use dd to write images to SD cards but I always worry I will mess it up. Today I used BalenaEtcher and it was dead simple and worked really well.