What I Read in 2015

I'm sure I missed some but here are some quick reviews of some of the books I've read in 2015.

Flexbox with Fantasai

On 3rd June 2015 a small group of relatively experienced developers went to Mozilla London to go through the flexbox spec with co-editor Fantasai. These are the notes I wrote down as we went along, sorry they won't all make sense as it is slightly out of context.

AsyncJS Talk: Putting Design On The Map external

My friend Dave Mackintosh had to postpone his talk due to illness so I offered to take his place at the last minute. I quickly put together some slides about a couple of web-based map projects that I've worked on.

Putting Design on the Map external

Every December I wait eagerly for the next 24 Ways article, so I was very proud and honoured to write one this year about map design on the web.

Goodwood Revival 2014

The revival was an incredible experience, I wrote a bit about it and took some photos too!

Writing A Book: Jumping Into The Deep End external

In this article, that I wrote for Ashley Baxter's company Insurance By Jack, I delve into the mistakes I made while writing my book and during other commitments that I have had.

An Adventure In China

At the end of August 2013, myself and a group of other students went on a charity trek of the Great Wall of China. It was an extremely eventful journey and we managed to raise a lot of money, the money I raised (2,233.23) went to Make-A-Wish Foundation UK.