Flexbox with Fantasai

On 3rd June 2015 a small group of relatively experienced developers went to Mozilla London to go through the flexbox spec with co-editor Fantasai. These are the notes I wrote down as we went along, sorry they won't all make sense as it is slightly out of context.

AsyncJS Talk: Putting Design On The Map external

My friend Dave Mackintosh had to postpone his talk due to illness so I offered to take his place at the last minute. I quickly put together some slides about a couple of web-based map projects that I've worked on.

Putting Design on the Map external

Every December I wait eagerly for the next 24 Ways article, so I was very proud and honoured to write one this year about map design on the web.

Goodwood Revival 2014

The revival was an incredible experience, I wrote a bit about it and took some photos too!

Writing A Book: Jumping Into The Deep End external

In this article, that I wrote for Ashley Baxter's company Insurance By Jack, I delve into the mistakes I made while writing my book and during other commitments that I have had.

An Adventure In China

At the end of August 2013, myself and a group of other students went on a charity trek of the Great Wall of China. It was an extremely eventful journey and we managed to raise a lot of money, the money I raised (2,233.23) went to Make-A-Wish Foundation UK.

Foreword For You Don't Know JS

I had the honour of writing the foreword for the first book, Scope & Closures, of Kyle Simpson's You Don't Know JS series. I urge you to buy the book, it is definitely worth a read no matter your skill or experience, but I've also included the foreword below.

Shane Hudson and the Magic of Real Life

The vast majority of you that knew me when I was younger will remember the near-unhealthy nature of my obsession with the Harry Potter books. That obsession ended up having a very positive impact on my life, though that is a story for another day. Today I would like to talk about real life magic. Not fantasy books, not even magic tricks - real life magic. Now, before you start calling me delusional, please let me explain.

Class Match Radio Button

This is just a very simple code snippet that I often find myself writing. It uses jQuery, when a radio button is selected it adds a class to its label and removes the class from the other labels that are within the group (name). I tend to use classes as selectors, but this version is more generic. $('input[type="radio"]').change(changeTab); function changeTab() { var e = $(this)[0]; $.each($('[name="' + e.name + '"]'), function(i,e) { $('[for="' + e.id + '"]').removeClass('active'); }); $('label[for="' + e.id + '"]').addClass('active'); }