Patterns Day 2019 - Varya Stepanova

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By this point my battery was on under 10% so I slacked a bit on the note taking. Varya gave a React talk that seemed to be useful for everyone, she explained how you can take tools originally made for React (such as Storybook) and pass through vanilla HTML/JS/CSS without any need to know React at all. It seemed quite a useful technique, as some of the examples just used markdown so would work for anyone.

Here are my (getting shorter through the day) notes:

  • Design system at Elisa
  • Library of css components, react, Ui kit in sketch, shared tools and processes, great design community, world class front end teams
  • Visual regression tests are recommended
  • Problem with custom solutions is it took a lot of time to support and maintain
  • Design system wider than just pattern library
  • Using gatsby to take changelog from github and pull into interactive site
  • Shows contributors per page from github
  • “Problems we are trying to solve are always people problems”, quoting Zeldman